Slitherio Experience Made Seamless

You can enjoy Slitherio on the computer or on your mobile on the Andriod and IOS platforms as it is a very simple but also captivating worm game (or snake for some) where you eat the rest of the players. You start this snake game as a dwarfish circle and start catching balls that are on the map you grow as a worm leaves a trail of balls when it dies. Therefore, you can spend hours and hours playing this fun and riveting game for free. You can benefit from our astute Slitherio tips, tricks and strategies, which can be summed up as such:

Follow Trails

When momentum is used, a path of energy balls are traced behind the worm and following the trails, you make sure that you will find worms that have the possibility of dying in collision with other players if they reach husky sizes. So you will be in an ideal position to score many points.

Protect your reward

It is better to go around the balls and protect them instead of trying to get the points from a dead worm. This will enable you to obtain more at the same time as being a threat to the worms that speed up to get the points.

Chase the floating balls

There are some balls that move and also flee from the players. Sometimes it is good to follow them because managing to eat them will give you many points. However, you can also hit a clueless worm that also follows this type of ball.

Be opportunistic around big worms

When you are a small worm (let's say less than 1,000 points) you can go following elephantine worms since other rivals collide with them and you can go racking up the valuable points. In addition, if any one of them dies, you are in a super-duper position to grow to considerable sizes.

Surround small worms

If you have been playing for a while, you will see that large worms begin to curl up with smaller worms as they enclose them. In the end they end up eating them, it is a very valid strategy that will give you points, although sometimes there are very abusive worms. To do it correctly it is important to anticipate and move wisely.

The bigger you are, the more they want to eat you

Players do not see a giant worm but a sack of very tasty dots that moves, so you have to be careful. The longer you are, the better view of the map you will have but you will start to be the villain to beat when your name enter the top 10. The bigger it is, the more difficult it is to move and turn in slither.

Do not try to get revenge

As you play you will always find players who try to attack you or who steal the food you have gotten. Getting angry with them and striving to avenge ASAP by chasing and killing them is not usually a good idea. The right thing to do is to follow your path and take advantage of the opportunities that Slitherio gives you.

Slitherio Strategies

There are several coherent and sensible strategies and they can also be combined as flows, you can be aggressive and attack the worms bigger than you with acceleration, you can go conservative and take points little by little, more slow but safe. Although it really all depends on the skill of each one, the hours invested, a bit of luck and in the moments of most tension not to get nervous. Remember that when you die you can be born again and start over. When you're a giant and you bump into a measly little worm and you die, it's really annoying but it's part of the snake games.